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Wearing a bow tie is like wearing two smiles.


Chris MacLellan, is affectionately known as "The Bow Tie Guy" in many caregiving circles. Chris has over 10 years of personal caregiving experience and is an ardent advocate for caregivers and their caree's, through his Caregiving blog, The Purple Jacket and his weekly radio show, ‘Healing Ties.’ Now Chris is creating a life to love after Caregiving ends through his radio show, ‘Healing Ties’ by encouraging  people to live a happy and healthy life. With special guests from across the country, Healing Ties: Creating A Life To Love provides  listeners with  real-life  solutions to real-life issues in a calm and peaceful way.


On Healing Ties: Creating A Life To Love we tie together the four pillars of life; our  Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial Health in order to live a happy life! How we create ’Healing Ties’ in our life and in our community, plays a major role in  shaping our Health,   Happiness and Prosperity.

I specialize in Group Cruises and Tours. As a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate.



With Co-Host Judy Ryan from LifeWork Systems and Chris MacLellan from the Whole Care Network, Culture Change In A Box is a show that takes you on a compelling deep dive into an effective real-time, work-place culture change so that you can feel hopeful and be energize about your business.


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  • “I would recommend Chris MacLellan as a caring individual who hosts a caring radio show, educating the world about Seniors and Elder Care. My experience on his show was top notch, organized and very fun, while discussing a serious topic. This Bow-Tie-Guy is the real deal! Listen to his show, or if you have a business assisting seniors; contact Chris, you’ll be glad you did! “ Carol Chiarito, CEO CareMatch America
  • “I had the pleasure of being a guest on Chris’s program recently. And while he threw many kudos my way for making the show a great one, the reality was that Chris is a great host who makes his guests feel welcome and embraced. It then becomes not a radio interview but a conversation between friends. That is the mark of a great host” Anthony Cirillo, President and CEO, The Aging Experience
  • Thank you for the educational and heartfelt presentation to our Caregivers Support Group. One of our caregivers has already borrowed your book. It is one more valuable resource we can offer them to assist in their caregiver journey. Kelly Gallo, MS/LMHCN.E. Focal Point Senior Center/ CounselorCity of Deerfield Beach
  • “It was my pleasure to be a guest on the show. Chris was a gracious and a very engaging host. The conversation flow was very natural and the topics that he chose were quite pertinent to our discussion. The show was long over but our conversation was far from over and continued to chat well after the show ended. I wish him the very best in life and in his wonderful endeavor of this show. “ Sunil Modi, Founder Reachout
  • Thank you, Chris! You certainly make it easy to have engaging conversation in a way designed to reassure and support your listeners. Bravo! Am looking forward to our continuing conversations ...Guest Fritzi Gros-Daillon


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August 30th 8:00am |1:00pm

Impact Broward's Life / Work Symposium

Moderator and Presenter


September 12-22 Caregiver Smile Summit Virtual Conference


November 7th - 8th

AARP Florida Caregiving Conference. Tampa Bay Florida


October 30th - Nov 2nd

International Prime Timers Convention. Caregiving Through The Lens of an LGBT Caregiver.







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In Sickness and in Health | A Couple's Final Journey


Chris MacLellan and Bernard Richard Schiffer never exchanged “for better or for worse” vows.


As a gay couple, marriage wasn’t an option in Florida. Instead, they lived together and loved each other for 11 years.


They met at a senior singles party in Fort Lauderdale and were immediately drawn to each other. Differences in age, personality and upbringing did not matter.


Before long, Chris moved into Richard’s house. They repainted the walls, made new friends and met each other’s old ones. A photo in their Deerfield Beach home shows them smiling and elegantly dressed for a formal night on a trans-Atlantic cruise. Both wore tuxedos and bow ties. READ ON >


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